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What do they Know in Hollywood?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Why we love films we know never happened, and actors we know are doing just that: acting.

We love stories not because we think they happened, but because they do something all of humanity is begging for,

They understand us.

And we know it because they are like us.

Opposites attract, or do they?

We know the popular slogan, but is it true? You might be attracted to someone who is seemingly opposite to you since they balance you out so well, but the people we truly love and connect with, they people whose opinion or advice we willingly follow are the people who show us:

I am like you.

I share your frustrations, I’ve been there and I have the tools to help you.

So how is it done?

When videos, or films are structured strategically, they communicate their message in every eyebrow raised, Adams apple bobbed, and shoulder turned.

Analyze the black and white, still image below:

How much of their story can you fill in?

What's the relationship between the parties?

What's happening to the young girl?

How does the cowboy feel?

Do you feel for them? Do you wish to help them?


The connection isn’t in the words said, but in the inflections and connotations of the real human actor, who tunes into it’s audience and reflects their own emotion back to them.

And this is all before we watch the film. This is still. This is black and white. This has no soundtrack....

And yet, the faces of the actors draws us in....

This my dear folks, is Planned. With a capital "P".

And if you can capture this in your company film, you've dug yourself a goldmine.

Practically speaking how is it done?

Speak to us today to find out!

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