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The Marketing Differentiation

My first business failed, Epicly.

And today I know why.

My first business failed,


I invested 12 grand and it was over almost before it began.

I was left with 10 grand to repay - yes, I had borrowed the money - and while it may not be a door closer to an established business, this was a death blow to a preemie start up,

and a huge huge deal to a young fresh family.

Over the following months we scrimped and saved and made due with next to nothing in order to repay what we owed....

And found the courage to try again,

This time I launched my vastly successful Performing Arts Program - where I wrote scripts, hired instructors and trained our students to perform for an audience.

The key to our success?

The marketing.

While we had a fantastic product the first time around as well, looking back we realized:

No one knew about it,

And when no one knows your product, guess what? They don't come.

Once we realized the tremendous impact marketing makes to a business - to the point of utter failure or smashing success we decided to devote ourselves to marketing for our clients.

Specifically video marketing,


Our failures vs. successes taught us this:

In order to succeed, you need to get in front of your clients, grab their attention and tell a great story.

Funny stories, dramatic stories, Unforgettable character driven stories.

When you got your stories nailed, and your clients to actually LOOK you can sell ANYTHING.

Now, how does that relate to YOU?

You KNOW you could be earning so much more on your time, but it seems like forever until your prospects hear about you, learn to trust you and actually sign the dotted line.

We've taken all we learnt from our experiences and transferred it into our video production company:

The Slingshot Guys.

We write scripts and produce videos to GET YOUR CUSTOMER TO LOOK AT YOU.

Our videos TELL YOUR STORY, and SELL YOUR PRODUCT by showing the exact pain points your customers are experiencing and showing how you are the solution to their problems.

Video marketing helps you speed up the marketing process of Know-Trust-Like - Buy every sales goes through.

And that marketing process is crucial to your success.

We learnt it the hard way.

Let's help you do it right the first time.

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