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My Promise to you,

Why we can promise what other video production companies can't.

Or won't.

Why is it taking forever to get my video edited and done with?

We often discuss video production with friends and potential clients who are currently in production with another production house,

The number one feedback we get is:

We've been in production for months!

Why is it taking so long?

Ruling out general laziness or incompetence, here are three answers to this:

1 - You're working with a solopreneur/freelancer who has another million things competing for his attention.

2 - You're working with a company that doesn't start out with a clear vision and is currently plowing through 35 hrs of raw footage for the itsy bitsy usable pieces of content.

3 - The company was cheap on the equipment or staff and is now scrambling to mangle terrible footage into something semi valuable.

Yes, the steps above will save you money, but enjoy waiting around for your project to be done, and be done well.

We believe that you get what you pay for.

We invest the time BEFORE production day to map out exactly what we want to cover.

We don't scrimp on equipment.

We get the proper amount of crew hands and top of the line gear.

We have the a fully equipped team of professional editors working of a mapped guided plan to production.

We're proud to have THE fastest turnaround time for creative video.

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