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How video marketing gets you to the next level.

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Video marketing brings three powerful returns.

1: You Sell more, and sell easier

2: Earn respect as an industry leader

3: You can command premium pricing

Sounds good?

Let's understand how this works:

1: Sell more, sell easier

Or: Stop selling, build a fan club.

When you tap into the power of video (see how to here) your customers are turned into loyal fans of your brand in a way that takes away your job of convincing them and selling them on your product.

By tuning into your audiences emotion on a level only the medium of video makes possible, (think eye contact, smiling, waving to them, and showing them your face) you no longer need to spend so much time and energy pushing and begging them to buy.

Instead you entice them into purchasing your product by showing them how you get them, understand them, educating them on how your product or service will solve their problem and giving them a convenient and simple way to purchase.

2: Earn respect as an industry leader

By educating your customer and narrating your in-depth knowledge of your industry your customers come to trust you as the voice who really understands.

When they're in the position to buy, you become the face that comes to mind, the beloved knowledgeable guide to whom they will turn.

Again, coming through knowledgeable, yet friendly and humanly vulnerable yourself is key to getting people hooked on you.

3: Command Premium pricing

How much would you pay for some true knowledge and expertise?

How much more would you add to the total purchase price if you really and truly trust the provider?

200% more?

500% more?

Think about your next purchase.

Will it be GoPro, George Foreman, Mercedes?

Or will it be a video camera, grill, and car?

Are you happy to pay the difference in price for the premium brand?

Or maybe we must say: there is no difference since once it's designer it's not a video camera, grill or car....

It's a product onto itself.....

Those qualities are build through consistent messaging, especially powerful in video form.

Let's do it today.

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